Jay & Mel

November 9th, 2014


01/03/14 — After Speaking with Barb our Wedding planner we have narrowed down the location possibilities to 3 probable locations and options we will soon have it locked down and begin menu plans

01/04/14 — Location 1. We tried the Brent Wood bay Resort. As online research suggested the view was amazing but the food was lacklustre. We will keep it in mind but it’s not looking good.

01/11/14 — Location 2. We tried the Fireside Grill. The atmosphere was nice and the food was very good but unfortunately there was no wheelchair access to the upstairs area where we would be able to house the wedding. We may be able to speak to management about housing it on the lower floors but it would lack that certain level of intimacy. Further consideration and research necessary.

02/01/14 — Location 3. We tried the Matissse. As our research online had suggested there is minimal areas for nice photos however as it is right down town photos could also be done at the harbour or something like that. The food as anticipated was amazing and is a clear front runner for our wedding. After speaking with owner John it is likely this is where we will have the wedding and reception.

02/08/14 — We have confirmed with Matisse our weeding and reception and now reserved for November 9th. We will have a menu laid out closer to the day of.

02/19/14 — We have arranged an awesome deal with the Victoria Regent hotel basically across the street from Matisse for anyone in need of accommodations around the date of the wedding

03/03/14 — We met with Ian Hooey he said all the right things and promises us only the the items we want in our ceremony. That should help alleviate some of the worries about all the things that go in to the ceremony.

03/15/14 — After much though and deliberation about what we wanted to do for our honeymoon we found something that gave us that romantic excursion and fit in nicely to our wedding window. We found a 10 day cruise from Rome on the Norwegian Jade. Also to answer some of the questions about where we are registered and to allow for people should they choose to contribute to our honeymoon we have placed all the details necessary on the the Registry page

03/30/14 — After much discussion amongst ourselves, several emails and a meeting we have finally meet a wonderful photographer. Courtney Clarke has wonderful photos and although a bit more than we wanted to spend we have found a way to fit her in to the budget. From the photos on her website and from our meeting we believe she is a excellent choice to help capture our day.

05/30/14 — We spent much of the evening with Courtney Clarke our photographer in an engagement photo session. The idea was to get to know each other. Seems like a valid idea before we have her at the wedding photographing everything and getting in everyone’s business. We did a evening ish shoot down at Saxe point and seemed to catch some good light for such things. Hopefully in a couple weeks we will have a new page to show you with some photos as if you are reading this you probably want such a thing.

06/19/14 — We have received our photos from Courtney Clarke they look good. But there are plenty to be had we will pick though the photos and put some up in the next couple days for you guys

06/19/14 — As promised the Gallery page is up. If your reading this you know you want to. Link Here

10/11/14 — After much delay the schedule is finally out head on over and check it out